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Title: Pilot Implementation Of A Vehicle Occupancy Data Collection Program
Contact: John S. Miller
Project No.: 122189
Target Date: 03/31/2024
Abstract: This project implements two recommendations in the forthcoming report titled Development of Guidance for a Corridor Level Vehicle Occupancy Rate Data Collection Program (Project No. 118055).  This project first extracts occupancies from crash data in the VDOT Richmond District as a case study, building a GIS-based workflow and documenting the time required.  The project then demonstrates how to remove potential crash bias.  These two steps satisfy the recommendations of the forthcoming VTRC report.  However, to show their potential value to VDOT, this project adds another deliverable: demonstrate the impact of using local occupancy rates on some decision of interest to planners, which in this case is proposed to be placement of a park and ride lot.  This pilot project may be modified at the discretion of the project technical review panel.

     Yiqing Xu
     Lance E. Dougald
     John S. Miller