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Title: Evaluation of Adding Distance Information to Mainline Specific Service (LOGO) Signs
Contact: Benjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.
Project No.: 85025
Target Date: 03/27/2009
Abstract: Specific Service (or logo) signs provide information on attractions, camping, lodging, food, and gas services. Presently, to determine the distance to a particular establishment, motorists depart from the mainline and read the distance on the logo signs on the ramps.  Recently, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has been asked to consider adding distance information to the mainline logo signs.  The contention is that providing drivers with distance information on the mainline could help them decide to take the exit.  The purpose of the experiment is to determine the effectiveness/usefulness of adding distance information on mainline logo signs.  The scope of this study is limited to piloting this addition on mainline logo signs at selected interchanges in Virginia.  Permission to experiment with these signs has been approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  This study will fullfill VDOT's obligation to document the results of the MUTCD experiment.

     Benjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.