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Title: Phases III-VI of Visibility Needs of Motorists under Wet Night Conditions
Contact: Benjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.
Project No.: 73779
Target Date: 11/16/2006
Abstract: This study is the sequel to the existing project “Visibility Needs of Drivers under Wet Night Conditions.” VTTI is conducting the study under contract. The primary purpose of this project, in its entirety, is to determine the visibility needs of motorists during wet night conditions. These findings will then be used to develop performance measures for evaluating wet night retroreflectivity of pavement delineation devices. This project is in six different phases. The current project covered the first two phases of the effort only. This study is for Phases III through VI of the project. The objective of Phase III is to establish drivers’ needs under dynamic conditions. Phase IV will include the analysis of the experimental results from both the static and dynamic testing. The development of performance specifications for pavement markings under wet conditions and a final report are Phases V and VI, respectively .

     Benjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.