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Title: Development of Network Screening and Diagnostic Procedures for Improving Roadway Departure Safety in Virginia
Project No.: 108892
Target Date: 02/08/2019
Abstract: Reduction in the frequency and severity of roadway departure (RD) crashes – which comprise about 50 percent of the fatal crashes that occurred in in Virginia in 2012–2013 - is one of the seven emphasis areas in Virginia’s 2012-2016 Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). This research will be undertaken to develop a network screening methodology for identifying potential locations for RD safety improvements and to propose a diagnostic procedure for identifying contributing factors to RD crashes. Both procedures must be applicable at the statewide level. RD safety performance functions (SPFs) will be developed for the network screening methodology and a procedure will be devised for deploying the RD SPFs on the statewide roadway network. A diagnostic procedure for identifying safety issues contributing to RD crashes will be developed and applied to actual data. A case study will be presented to demonstrate the developed procedures.

     In-Kyu Lim