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Title: A Performance Assessment of Virginia's Traffic Management Plans
Contact: Lance E. Dougald
Project No.: 98608
Target Date: 10/29/2012

Work zones on U.S. roadways are hazardous to both motorists and the workers.  The Federal Highway Administration’s “Final Rule on Work Zone Safety and Mobility” requires that state transportation departments implement a policy to systematically consider and manage work-zone impacts on all federal-aid highway projects. The rule also mandates that DOTs must develop a policy to address work-zone impacts throughout various stages of a project's development and construction. The transportation management plans (TMPs) resulting from this policy are intended to be developed in an interative process that includes performance assessment. The purpose of this research effort is to develop guidelines for TMP performance assessment to cover various levels of construction projects from simple to complex. These guidelines will then be applied in a case study to demonstrate how useful and effective they are in assessing TMP performance.

     Michael Demetsky
     Lance E. Dougald