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Title: Process for Analyzing “Stand-Alone” Projects and Integrating
Contact: Amy A. O'Leary
Associate Director for Environment, Planning and Economics
Project No.: 80165
Target Date: 03/18/2008
Limited federal and state revenues have made transportation projects that can be funded from other sources more attractive. These projects, known as stand-alone projects include proffers, county-led bond projects, and projects performed in response to a zoning change. However, county, regional, and state planners do not have a formal manner for evaluating proposed stand-alone projects quickly, which may be problematic for proffers and other projects the require a short response time. Thus, there is the risk that Virginia’s transportation system will be comprised of ad-hoc stand-alone projects that are not necessarily fully integrated. 
The investigators propose to develop a methodology for quickly evaluating stand-alone projects. The methodology shall be comprised of analytical tools or data that can be applied within a given time period, usually 60 days, by local, regional, or state planners to evaluate stand-alone project proposals.

This research need was originally suggested by the Transportation Planning Research Advisory Committee (TPRAC).

     Robin Grier
     John Huston
     Paul Kraucunas
     Claudia Llana
     Dan Lysy
     Eric Vogel
     Wayne S. Ferguson