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Title: Evaluation of Red Light Camera Enforcement in Virginia
Project No.: 73798
Target Date: 04/14/2005
Abstract: The Virginia legislation authorizing red light cameras will expire on July 1, 1995, and it is expected that the advantages and disadvantages of amending that legislation to continue red light cameras will be debated during the 2005 General Assembly session. Accordingly, the Virginia Secretary of Transportation has directed the Virginia Transportation Research Council to undertake a technical study reporting the efficacy of photo-red enforcement. That letter indicates the study should summarize key data regarding each locality’s program (e.g., costs, revenue, duration of the program, and technology used), how the red light running programs affect crashes and violations at these intersections relative to intersections where no camera are used, how photo-red enforcement compares to traditional methods of enforcement, and levels of public support for such programs. A status report will be delivered to the secretary and a detailed report will be delivered at the conclusion of the project