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Title: Use of Safety Restraint Systems by Occupants Under 16 Years Old: 2004 Update
Project No.: 72788
Target Date: 04/21/2005
Abstract: In 1993, 1994, and 1996, the DMV Transportation Safety Services requested that child safety seat use data be collected using the same procedures, locations, time of day, and day of week each year. The child safety seat program was transferred to the Department of Health’s Child Transportation Safety Program in 1997. .A new primary enforcement law, requiring that rear seat occupants in this age group be buckled up, became effective on July 1, 1997 and in 2002, changes were made in the age requirements for use of child and booster safety seats. In order to adequately reflect these changes in survey methodology, data on three separate age groups were collected beginning in 2002: infants and toddlers (zero to three years old, inclusive), preschoolers (four and five years old), and children (six through fifteen years old). The study team will continue to collect data for 2004 at the same metropolitan and mid-size city sites as in the previous two years