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Development of Performance Assessment Guidelines for Virginia’s Work Zone Transportation Management Plans
Gallo, Anthony A.
Lance E. Dougald
Lance E. Dougald
Year: 2012
VTRC No.: 13-R6
Abstract: As America’s roadways are becoming more congested and in need of maintenance and repair, management of traffic through work zones is a major issue for state departments of transportation. To assist states with this challenge, in 2004, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) published its Final Rule on Work Zone Safety and Mobility, which mandated that state DOTs develop transportation management plans (TMPs) for all federally funded roadway construction projects. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) now requires TMPs for all projects, regardless of funding source. Part of federal and Virginia TMP requirements are to monitor and assess traffic impacts, including a post-construction evaluation of the TMP. Currently, TMPs are not being assessed following individual construction projects, and VDOT does not yet have a formally established process to assess TMP performance throughout its districts and regions. The purpose of this project was to develop a set of guidelines to assist VDOT’s work zone personnel and contractors with evaluating TMP performance. The research methodology examines existing literature on work zone evaluation strategies. Thirty state DOTs, as well as personnel within VDOT, were surveyed to explore TMP assessment practices. Finally, two work zone case studies from within the Commonwealth of Virginia were examined. The results of this research effort were used to develop Guidelines for TMP Performance Assessment, with aid and review from a VDOT TMP Performance Assessment Task Group. While these new requirements may add up-front costs to project engineering, VDOT will benefit by having a methodology in place to identify and measure successful strategies to manage safety and mobility impacts from work zones.