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Title: Field Performance and Economic Analysis of Pavement Sections with Highly Polymer-Modified Asphalt Overlays
Contact: Jhony Habbouche
Project No.: 115533
Target Date: 04/16/2021
Abstract: The objective of this study is to assess the field performance and cost-effectiveness of using high polymer asphalt concrete mixtures in Virginia. This will be achieved by first evaluating the properties of field produced mixtures from three new field projects and compare the results against the findings of previous high polymer studies as conducted by the Virginia Transportation Research Council. The laboratory testing will help expand the VDOT database in terms of fundamental material and performance property data of  high polymer asphalt concrete mixes. Furthermore, routine distress survey data for relevant in-service pavements will be compiled, analyzed, and evaluated against pre-paving distress survey data, associated laboratory performance, and behavioral indicators. A cost analysis will be performed to assess the effectiveness of using high polymer overlays on top of deteriorated jointed concrete pavements to mitigate reflective cracking. This is expected to be accomplished by predicting the performance of high polymer asphalt concrete overlays in terms of reflective cracking using the measured distresses at multiple in-service durations.

     Ilker Boz
     Jhony Habbouche

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