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Title: Installation and Initial Evaluation of Paving Fabric Interlayer for Preventing Reflective Cracking in Asphalt Pavements
Project No.: 112002
Target Date: 06/22/2020
Abstract: Propagation of cracks from existing pavements into new overlay (reflective cracking) is a major problem in asphalt pavements. Treatments that are used to reduce or prevent reflective cracking include use of paving fabric, which can be used to reinforce asphalt overlays by carrying tensile stress and provide waterproofing barrier. Proper construction procedures are critical for optimum performance of paving fabrics. This research project will evaluate use of paving fabric interlayer in asphalt pavements. Several field projects with paving fabric interlayers are planned in Lynchburg and Hampton roads Districts. Installation procedures and guidelines will be documented. Shear strength and tensile strength of asphalt cores with paving fabric will be tested. The initial field performance of overlays using fabric interlayer will be documented. In Lynchburg; a comparison of the performance of paving fabric/overlay section with section containing no paving fabric (control) will be monitored.

     Harikrishnan Nair
     Kevin K. McGhee

  • Pavements