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Title: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Wildlife Fencing Along Existing Isolated Underpasses
Contact: Bridget M. Donaldson
Project No.: 109962
Target Date: 01/31/2019
Abstract: This project will  evaluate the effectiveness of erecting wildlife fencing along Interstate 64 in Albemarle County. In 2015, researchers at the Virginia Transportation Research Council studied the behavior of white-tailed deer and other wildlife near two existing unfenced underpasses along I-64. Researchers found that despite frequent use of the unfenced underpasses by deer, there was a high degree of deer activity along the adjacent roadside and an associated high frequency of deer-vehicle collisions.  For each of the two evaluated underpasses, researchers recommended the installation of up to 1 mile of 8-ft high fencing along east- and west-bound lanes.  This is expected to help guide more deer and other wildlife toward the underpasses and prevent them from attempting to cross the highway.  This project is expected to increase driver safety and reduce societal costs of deer-vehicle collisions.

     Bridget M. Donaldson