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Title: Investigation of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Properties: High Early Strength, Toughness, Permeability and Fiber Distribution
Contact: H. Celik Ozyildirim
Project No.: 106439
Target Date: 01/31/2017
Abstract: Fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) is a fast growing field in civil engineering industry. Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has begun an implementation of FRC mixtures in the structures around the state. Such elements of bridges as shear keys and closure pours have been of most interest.

There has been a lot of research done to investigate the properties of various FRC mixtures. This project will focus on several FRC characteristics: high early strength, strength prediction, toughness, permeability and fiber distribution. In this study three types of fibers will be considered: polyvinyl (PVA), polypropylene (PP), and steel fibers. Based on another VDOT project, FRC mixtures with these fibers will be developed with specific properties. Further improvement of these fiber reinforced concretes will be performed and their properties will be investigated.

     Evelina Khakimova
     H. Celik Ozyildirim

  • Structures