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Title: Investigating the Cost-Effectiveness of Nutrient-Credit Use as an Option for VDOT Stormwater Permitting Requirements
Contact: G. Michael Fitch
Project No.: 105218
Target Date: 08/19/2014

Virginia code requires state agencies conducting work resulting in land disturbance to obtain a Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) construction permit from the Department of Environmental Quality before starting this work. Virginia law, through the VSMP, also requires compliance with stormwater nonpoint runoff water quality criteria, in whole or part, through the applicant’s acquisition of nutrient credits in the same tributary as the construction, as defined in the code.

Participation in a nutrient-credit program potentially could streamline such project development, lower project liabilities and produce cost savings while reducing total nutrient loading to a watershed and improving water quality. These potential benefits may be amplified in projects with site constraints that challenge implementation of stormwater best management practices.

This study will examine the cost-effectiveness of nutrient-credit use as an option for meeting VDOT’s stormwater permitting requirements.







     Jonathan Goodall
     G. Michael Fitch