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Title: Assessment of the Incentive-Only Specification for Rideability for Asphalt Pavements
Contact: Soundar Balakumaran
Associate Director for Structures
Project No.: 00063
Target Date: 09/28/2015

This is supporting research to document and critically review the pilot application of the “incentive-only provision for rideability” on selected asphalt-resurfacing schedules for the Virginia Department of Transportation’s 2013 construction season.

The project also will analyze whether the added costs of a broader program can be justified by any improvement in constructed quality. 

  • Key questions to ask during this study will include:
  • Do contractors respond to the potential additional incentives by modifying paving procedures that result with higher-quality work?
  • If so, does the higher quality justify the incentive being applied?
  • Does the incentive payment offset costs for the modified paving procedures and provide a reasonable profit to the contractor?
  • Does the incentive-only clause, as written, represent a sufficient balance of risk and reward for VDOT and the contractor?
  • Should the provision include overall project quality for incentives, even in the absence of disincentives?

     Affan Habib
     Kevin K. McGhee

  • Structures