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Title: Identifying Strategic Locations for Animal Crash Mitigation on I-64 in the Afton Mountain Area
Contact: Bridget M. Donaldson
Project No.: 103647
Target Date: 08/31/2015

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is conducting efforts to enhance motorist safety and travel on Interstate 64 in the Afton Mountain area. VDOT has targeted this section of I-64 to improve safety and traffic efficiency because of a high number of vehicle accidents and the resulting traffic backups. Deer-vehicle collisions are the third most frequent type of accident reported in this area, representing at least 17 percent of all accidents. 

This study will develop recommendations to help VDOT mitigate deer-vehicle collisions along this section of I-64. Remote cameras will collect information to identify sections with particularly high activity of large animals, determine optimal locations and extent of any mitigation measures, and provide pre-mitigation data for a subsequent post-mitigation study. This project also will ensure that any public funds spent on mitigation have a high probability of success.

     Young-Jun Kweon
     Bridget M. Donaldson