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Title: Stone Matrix Asphalt - A Decade of Performance in Virginia
Contact: Soundar Balakumaran
Associate Director for Structures
Project No.: 101904
Target Date: 09/30/2015

This study will review 10 years of experience with stone matrix asphalt (SMA) in Virginia. SMA relies on stone-to-stone contact developed between the coarse aggregate particles for improved durability and rut resistance. More than 25 percent of asphalt-surfaced interstates and about 500 lane miles of primary roads in Virginia now have an SMA overlay.

The first phase will use automated pavement condition data for a current analysis of performance and relative cost effectiveness of SMA and other common asphalt concrete technologies. This phase also will summarize findings from site visits and conclusions and recommendations that build on the first-hand program and project-level history of the authors and others.

The second phase will involve more in-depth material and laboratory-oriented analysis. It will incorporate findings from follow-up material sampling and testing, gradation and volumetric data from the Virginia Department of Transportation and laboratory mix performance testing

     Kevin K. McGhee

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