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Title: Drilled Shafts with Self Consolidating Concrete
Contact: H. Celik Ozyildirim
Project No.: 82672
Target Date: 06/29/2012
Abstract: A drilled shaft is a deep foundation that is constructed by placing fresh concrete in a drilled hole. They can be economical in large structures.  Placement of concrete and testing methods for the integrity of the drilled shaft raise some concerns.  Large voids and bleeding is a common issue with the concretes placed in drilled shafts.  This study will develop highly flowable self-consolidating concretes (SCC) that will compensate for the deficiencies of the regular concrete in drilled shafts and place SCC in drilled shafts in bridge structures in Virginia.  Test procedures that determine the integrity of the drilled shafts will be reviewed and applied to the placed shafts.

     H. Celik Ozyildirim
     Stephen R. Sharp

  • Structures