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Title: Identification of Wildife Hotspots along Roadways in Virginia's Coastal Zone
Project No.: 79242
Target Date: 12/19/2006
Abstract: The construction and expansion of roads in the U.S. are increasingly fragmenting wildlife habitat and threatening some species' populations. The associated increase in animal-vehicle collisions in the U.S. is drawing national concern. In Virginia, the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation is using GIS to identify networks of ecologically significant lands and wildlife corridors for governments to use in conservation planning for the coastal zone of Virginia. Analyses for the remainder of the state is planned for completion in 2006. This project will use these mapped wildlife corridors to identify locations on roads that may be appropriate for mitigation measures to reduce animal-vehicle collisions. Allowing for mitigation considerations early in the planning process can significantly reduce costs, can increase driver safety, and will provide transportation planners a valuable wildlife conservation planning tool in accordance with new federal directives in SAFETEA-LU.

     Bridget M. Donaldson
     Joseph T. Weber