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Title: Repair Methods for Corrosion-Damaged Prestressed Concrete Girders
Contact: Bernard L. Kassner
Project No.: 114590
Target Date: 07/31/2022
Abstract: Several bridges with prestressed concrete I-girders or adjacent box-beams have been identified in Virginia as having significant deterioration, including spalling, delamination, and prestressing strands with section loss. A number of beams in various stages of deterioration have become available for investigation. Additionally, a VDOT contractor has conducted mock repairs using flexible fillers in external post-tensioning or carbon fiber-reinforced polymer wraps in preparation for strengthening similar corrosion-damaged members in the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel approaches. This research will study the efficacy of the repairs through large-scale destructive tests on 12 beams, focusing on flexural strength, shear strength, and ductility of the repaired members. Additionally, the composite behavior between the repairs and the original member will be examined. The final report will detail best practices for conducting the repairs as well as procedures for evaluating the capacity of the repaired structures.

     Carin Roberts-Wollmann
     Matthew Hebdon
     Ioannis Koutromanos
     Bernard L. Kassner

  • Structures