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Title: Existing Condition Assessment, Remaining Service Life Prediction, and Evaluation of Repair Methods for VDOT's Salt Water Detention Ponds
Contact: Lewis N. Lloyd
Project No.: 114308
Target Date: 01/31/2021
Abstract: VDOT owns over 200 salt water detention ponds in the state. The majority of these ponds were constructed decades ago and use a liner system composed of rolled roofing material. While this material has an established service life when used for its intended purpose ,as a roofing material, little is known about how the material performs when continuously submerged and exposed to the high chloride concentrations found in these salt water storage ponds. The purpose of this research endevour will be to 1) develop a methodology to evaluate the exisiting conditions of the liners used in these ponds, 2) develop a methodology to predict the service life of a variety of liner materials used in these ponds with the goal of developing a method that can be used in the field, 3) identify established methods for repairing damage or premature wear of the liners.

     Kuo Tian
     Burak Tanyu
     Lewis N. Lloyd