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Title: Connected Vehicle Pooled Fund Study Phase 4, TPF 5-206
Contact: Michael D. Fontaine
Project No.: 112992
Target Date: 12/31/2021
Abstract: The goal of Phase 4 of the Connected Vehicle Pooled Fund Study is to support state and local agencies in preparing for the effective deployment of connected vehicle systems infrastructure, and to introduce connected vehicle system applications that allow agencies to more effectively meet their missions. The University of Virginia Center for Transportation Studies (UVA CTS) will support the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), the lead state of the CV PFS, in delivering Phase 4 of the CV PFS by providing technical and administrative leadership. The role of UVA CTS is to support VDOT in leading the CV PFS by providing technical oversight, procurement, and administrative support. In particular, UVA CTS will carry out tasks designated to the Administrative Team in the CV PFS Charter (August 2017).

     Brian Smith
     Michael D. Fontaine