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Title: Development of Regional Channel Geometry Curves for the Piedmont Physiographic Provinces of Virginia
Contact: Bridget M. Donaldson
Project No.: 84858
Target Date: 09/18/2009
Abstract: This study will develop regional channel geometry curves for the the Piedmont Physiographic Province in Virginia. Regional curves are based on natural channel design, or "stream restoration" techniques to restore stream channels. Regulatory agencies have increasingly required the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to compensate stream channel impacts by restoring or relocating streams using these natural channel design principles. Development of regional curves specifically for the physiographic provinces of Virginia using large data sets will enhance VDOT's ability to develop successful natural channel designs based on climatic, geologic, and hydrologic factors characteristic of specific regions of the state. Regional curves representing relations between drainage area and bankfull discharge, cross-sectional area, width, and average depth for stream riffle sections will be developed at USGS streamflow gaging stations.

     Mark R. Bennett
     Russell Lotspeich
     Bridget M. Donaldson