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Title: Evaluation of a Truck In-Cab Alert System
Contact: Noah J. Goodall
Project No.: 124308
Target Date: 02/28/2025
Abstract: Transportation agencies have long communicated directly with truck drivers regarding weigh station compliance and parking availability, sometimes making use of applications provided by private third party partners. One of these applications has expanded capabilities that allow agencies to transmit safety alerts directly to drivers through the in-cab electronic logging device systems. In December 2022, VDOT partnered with one of these providers, Drivewyze, to issue emergency weather-related information and congestion alerts directly to drivers. Alerts are transmitted over cellular networks to drivers’ smartphones running the Drivewyze app or electronic logging devices. VDOT can also receive kinematic data from the trucks covering the time of the alert until approximately 10 minutes after. This project will evaluate the Drivewyze system in Virginia over its first year, focusing on three research questions: what is the system scope and characteristics, what percentage of the truck fleet is equipped with the system, and how do drivers react to alerts based on GPS traces?

     Chien-Lun Lan
     Noah J. Goodall