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Page Title: Staff Contact

Team Memberships:
  • Environment, Planning and Economics

  • Projects:
  • 120151 - Dissimilar Metal Welds Between ASTM A709 Grade 50CR and Other Bridge Steels  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 115768 - The Effects of Surface Condition and Long-Term Environmental Exposure on the Bond Between Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymers and Steel  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 112029 - Corrosion Resistant Steel Fastener Assemblies  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 116424 - Assessment of Composite Pavement: A Trial Section on US 60  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 108592 - Construction of the Waynesboro Route 340 Bridge with Maintenance Free Corrosion Resistant Steel Girders  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 109960 - Development of Best Practice Implementation Guide for Geosynthetics in Low-Volume Pavements  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 103638 - Traditional and Innovative Funding and Financing Options for Virginia and Its Localities  -  Principal Investigator   
  • 00020 - Corrosion-Resistant Carbon-Fiber Composite Cable for Prestressed Bridge Piles  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 105203 - Evaluation of the Economics and Logistics of Animal Mortality Composting for the Virginia Department of Transportation  -  Co-Principal Investigator   

  • Publications:
  • 21-R3 - Assessment of Composite Pavement in Virginia: A Trial Section on US 60
  • 21-R13 - Corrosion-Resistant Steel Fastener Assemblies for ASTM A709 Grade 50CR Steel Bridges
  • 20-R8 - Use of Geosynthetics for Separation and Stabilization in Low-Volume Roadways
  • 20-R10 - Virginia’s First Corrosion-Resistant ASTM A1010 Steel Plate Girder Bridge
  • 19-R13 - Corrosion-Free Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer for Prestressed Piles
  • 19-R1 - A Guide to Transportation Funding Options Available to Virginia Jurisdictions
  • 16-R19 - Methodology for Ranking Relative Importance of Structures to Virginia’s Roadway Network
  • 15-R17 - An Evaluation of the Economics and Logistics of Animal Mortality Composting for The Virginia Department of Transportation
  • 11-R22 - Review of Nonpublic Funding Options Available to the Virginia Department of Transportation for the Operation and Maintenance of Its Safety Rest Areas and Welcome Centers
  • 10-R9 - Determining the Maintenance Superintendent and Facility Needs for Residencies in the Virginia Department of Transportation
  • 10-R7 - An Assessment of the Animal Carcass Disposal Practices of the Virginia Department of Transportation and Guidance for the Selection of Alternative Carcass Management Options
  • 09-R9 - Field Comparison of the Installation and Cost of Placement of Epoxy-coated and MMFX 2 Steel Deck Reinforcement: Establishing a Baseline for Future Deck Monitoring