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Page Title: VTRC Projects
TitleMembersDue Date
Pilot Implementation of a Resource Guide to Enhance Incorporation of Safety into the Regional Planning ProcessJohn S. Miller11/30/2011
Development of Safety Performance Functions for Freeway and Multilane Highway Segments in Virginia 05/19/2014
Trip-Generation Method for Small Area Plans 10/31/2011
Linking Carrier Description Attributes to Crash Patterns - An Untapped Tool in State Motor Carrier Safety ImprovementAlehandra Medina; Catherine C. McGhee12/18/2012
A Methodology to Forecast Peak SpreadingJohn S. Miller04/16/2012
A Performance Assessment of Virginia's Traffic Management PlansMichael Demetsky; Lance E. Dougald10/29/2012
Performance Evaluation of Thin Wearing Courses Through Scaled Accelerated TraffickingCristian Druta; Linbing Wang; Michael M. Sprinkel01/31/2014
Determining an Accelerated Performance Based Test Method for Ranking Commercially Available Corrosion Resistant Metal ReinforcementStephen R. Sharp08/31/2017
Guidelines for the Application of Active Traffic Management in VirginiaJohn S. Miller; Michael D. Fontaine10/31/2012
Study of the Role of Fatigue in Interstate 81 Bridge Closure Slab FailureWilliam Wright; Richard Weyers; Carin Roberts-Wollmann 04/21/2014
Preliminary Performance Comparison of Thin Wearing Course AlternativesKevin K. McGhee08/24/2015
Comparison of the Performance of UHPC Bridge Deck Panels to FRP, Steel, & Full Depth Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Panels 06/30/2014
Sandwich Panel Steel Deck System 06/30/2014
Carbonate Aggregates in Pavement Surfaces 06/30/2014
Composting Animal Carcasses Removed from Roads: a Pilot Study of Two Techniques 06/29/2012
Repairs with Self Consolidating Concrete and Galvanic Anodes to Extend Bridge LifeH. Celik Ozyildirim; Stephen R. Sharp08/28/2017
Land-Development Risk Analysis for the Statewide Mobility SystemJ. Lambert; John S. Miller12/19/2011
An Evaluation of the Potential Use of Non-Nuclear Pavement Density Testing Devices for Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) Acceptance 02/28/2011
Development of Safety Performance Functions for Intersections in Virginia – Phase II 10/22/2010
Developing a Standard Test Procedure for Travel-Time Data Quality AssessmentShawn Turner; Brian Smith; Michael D. Fontaine07/01/2011
Asphalt Material Characteristics for Use with the MEPDG  09/30/2011
Program to Support the Development and Deployment of Infrastructure IntelliDrive Applications 05/31/2013
Analysis of Full-Depth Reclamation Trial Sections in Virginia 04/29/2011
Evaluation of the Installation, Initial Condition and Performance of Rosphalt Overlay on a Bridge Deck on I-85 06/30/2013
A Mesoscopic Simulation Approach to Analyze the Hampton Roads Hurricane Evacuation Traffic-Control PlanPraveen Edara; Catherine C. McGhee04/01/2010
The Refinement of Drivers' Visibility Needs During Wet-Night ConditionsRon Gibbons, VTTI; Benjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.06/17/2011
The Assessment of the Durability of Wet-Night Visible Pavement MarkingsRon Gibbons, VTTI; Benjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.05/31/2011
Use of Precast Slabs for Pavement Rehabilitation and Field Trial on Interstate 66M. Shabbir Hossain; H. Celik Ozyildirim04/30/2012
Review of VDOT's Traffic-Data Plan for Pavement Design 11/30/2011
Quantifying the Benefits of Coordinated Traffic-Signal SystemsB. Brian Park; Catherine C. McGhee09/17/2010
Geotechnical Data ManagementEdward J. Hoppe04/30/2010
Evaluation of Pipe Repair Options Available for Use by the Virginia Department of Transportation, Phase IIG. Michael Fitch; James Smith; Bridget M. Donaldson10/22/2010
Trends in Motorcycle Crashes in Virginia – Phase III 03/02/2011
Strength, Elastic Modulus, Permeability and Conductance of Lightweight Concrete 04/25/2011
Unbound Pavement Layer Resilient Modulus for MEPDGM. Shabbir Hossain09/30/2010
Determining a Method for Ranking Commercially Available Corrosion Resistant Metal ReinforcementStephen R. Sharp06/30/2011
Survey of Early Virginia Road Stones, Milestones and Related ObjectsAnn B. Miller06/29/2009
Methods for Assessing the Polishing Characteristics of Aggregates for Use in Pavement Layers 06/25/2010
Health Monitoring and Modeling of an Integral Backwall BridgeEdward J. Hoppe06/29/2012
Optimized Mix Design Procedure for Superpave Surface Mixes 10/22/2010
Investigation of Using Tear-Off Roofing Shingles in Asphalt Concrete 05/21/2010
Development of Safety Performance Functions for Intersections in Virginia 01/31/2010
Development of a Planning-Level Tool to Identify High Crash Locations on Virginia's Primary SystemMichael Demetsky; Michael D. Fontaine08/30/2010
Updating Truck Factors for Pavement Design in Virginia Using Weigh-In-Motion DataBrian K. Diefenderfer04/30/2009
A Template for Incorporating Safety into the Regional Planning Process 03/22/2010
Bridge Beams and Substructure with Self-Consolidating ConcreteH. Celik Ozyildirim02/29/2016
Characteristics of Hydraulic Cements, Supplementary Cementitious Materials and Other Mineral Admixtures Used in Concrete 08/31/2014
Mix Design and Curing Effects on Creep and Camber of Prestressed Girders 01/31/2015
Development of Safety Performance Functions for Rural Two-Lane Roads in Virginia  06/30/2010
Privacy and Its Impact on Emerging Technologies in Transportation SafetyRay Pethtel; Jim Philips; Catherine C. McGhee06/25/2010
Corrosion of Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel Piles 04/30/2010
Evaluation of Driver Reactions for the Effective Use of Variable Message SignsMichael Demetsky; Jeremy Schroeder; Catherine C. McGhee02/11/2010
Effects of Sedimentation on Native Freshwater MusselsWilliam Henley; Richard Neves; G. Michael Fitch01/09/2012
Preparing to Use Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) in Transportation Operations – Phase IIBrian Smith; B. Brian Park; Catherine C. McGhee04/24/2009
Safety Belt and Motorcycle Helmet Use in Virginia: The 2008 Summer Survey 09/18/2008
Access-Management Performance Measures  04/30/2010
Synthesis of Benefits and Costs of Alternative Lane Marking StrategiesJames S. Gillespie; Michael D. Fontaine05/25/2009
Evaluation of the Safety and Mobility Impacts of Variable Speed LimitsMichael D. Fontaine03/31/2010
Development of an Integrated Quality Index for Accepting Hot Mix Asphalt Materials and ConstructionGerardo Flintsch; Edgar de León Izeppi; Kevin K. McGhee06/14/2010
Investigation of Enforcement Techniques and Technologies to Support High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and High Occupancy Toll (HOT) Operations 08/31/2009
High-Performance/High-Strength Lightweight Concrete for Bridge Girders and Deck 02/25/2011
Evaluation of Truck Lane Restrictions, Phase II Lance E. Dougald; Michael D. Fontaine10/30/2009
Trends in Motorcycle Crashes in Virginia – Phase II 09/30/2008
Development of a Methodology to Measure Mobility in Urban Transportation Corridors 01/25/2011
Short-Term Evaluation of Bridge Cables Using Acoustic Emission SensorsDevendra S. Parmar; Stephen R. Sharp05/21/2010
Primary and Secondary Incident Management: Predicting Durations in Real TimeAsad Khattak; Catherine C. McGhee04/12/2011
Signalized Intersection Red-Light Running and Dilemma Zone Study Hesham Rakha ; Catherine C. McGhee02/10/2011
Warm Mix Asphalt PerformanceStacey D. Diefenderfer02/24/2010
Use of Nanoclays to Improve the Properties of ConcreteH. Celik Ozyildirim02/24/2010
Bond Performance Expectations (and Requirements) for Hot Mix Asphalt PavementsTrenton Clark; Kevin K. McGhee06/29/2009
Development and Implementation of Geotechnical SoftwareEdward J. Hoppe05/23/2008
Prioritization Methods for Multimodal Investments, Including Return on Investment 01/08/2009
High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites for Crack ControlH. Celik Ozyildirim06/09/2008
A Comprehensive Review of Pedestrian and Bicycle Laws in Virginia and the Nation 01/31/2008
‘Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide’ Sensitivity Analysis: Binder PropertiesStacey D. Diefenderfer08/23/2010
Montgomery County Road OrdersAnn B. Miller06/16/2008
MASC Hampton Roads Hurricane Evacuation StudyR. Michael Robinson; Michael D. Fontaine06/30/2008
Feasibility of Integrating Congestion Back-Propagation and Queue-Dissipation Models with Detector Data to Estimate Incident-Related Travel Time on I-66 in Near Real TimePamela Murray-Tuite; Catherine C. McGhee03/10/2010
A Functionally Optimized Hot-Mix Asphalt Surface CourseKevin K. McGhee04/16/2009
Field Testing of High-Binder Content Base Layer HMA Mixtures 08/20/2010
Concrete Volume Change and the Reduction of Associated Cracking  02/25/2010
Airsage Evaluation (Travel Time Data) - Northern Virginia 02/21/2008
Development of Guidelines for Bicycle and Pedestrian Use of Access-Controlled Facilities in Virginia 06/28/2012
SHRP II Performance SpecificationsMichael M. Sprinkel03/11/2008
Implementation and Evaluation of Traffic Responsive Control in Northern VirginiaMontasir Abbas; Catherine C. McGhee02/12/2009
Composite Pavements: Synthesis of Design and Construction Practices 11/14/2008
Crash Causal Factors and Countermeasures for High-Risk Locations on Multi-Lane Primary Highways in Virginia 03/16/2009
Application of Stochastic Optimization Method (SOM) in Traffic Signal Control Settings OptimizationB. Brian Park; Catherine C. McGhee11/28/2008
Evaluation of Using Higher Percentage of Rap in Asphalt Mixes in Virginia 06/20/2008
A Determination of the Actual Costs to VDOT of Land Development Review – Phase II  09/28/2010
Evaluation of Adding Distance Information to Mainline Specific Service (LOGO) Signs 03/27/2009
Improving Land Use Forecasting for Medium-Size Metropolitan Planning Organizations In Virginia 09/30/2008
An Evaluation of the Hampton Roads Hurricane Evacuation Traffic Control Plan - Phase 2 04/22/2009
Safety Belt and Motorcycle Helmet Use in Virginia: The 2007 Summer Survey  10/03/2007
Development of Regional Channel Geometry Curves for the Piedmont Physiographic Provinces of VirginiaMark R. Bennett; Russell Lotspeich; Bridget M. Donaldson09/18/2009
An Investigation of Solutions to Alleviate Recurring Congestion on FreewaysMichael Demetsky; Nicholas Mazzenga; Catherine C. McGhee03/31/2009
Fincastle County Road Orders 1773-1776Ann B. Miller05/21/2007
Risk Assessment and Management for IT Security of VDOT Regional Operations Centers  07/02/2007
Selecting, Piloting, and Evaluation of Best Practices in Traffic Operations and Safety: Phase II 12/22/2010
Improving the Retrofitting of Existing Roads with Pedestrian Accommodations in Virginia  06/30/2010
A Risk-Based Approach to Protecting Accessibility, Mobility, and Safety Options for Transportation Corridors  04/30/2008
Development of Interconnectivity and Enhancement (ICE) Module in VDOT GDBMS FrameworkJae Yoon; Edward J. Hoppe05/29/2007
Use of Geosynthetics in Secondary and Subdivision Roads 09/01/2009
Validation of Modulus Backcalculation Methods Using 3-D Finite Element Analysis 03/31/2008
Shear Strength of PCBT-53 Girders Fabricated with Light-Weight, Self-Consolidating Concrete 04/30/2009
Field Study of the Wolf Creek Multi-span Curved Girder Bridge 06/15/2009
Assessment of Soil and Wash-Water Quality Beneath Salt-Spreader Storage Racks: Lubricant and Salt QuantificationJames Smith; G. Michael Fitch08/20/2008
Condition of Concrete Overlays on Route 60 Over Lynnhaven Inlet After 10 YearsMichael M. Sprinkel02/27/2009
Development of Design Aids and Charts for the Optimized Continuity Diaphragm for New PCBT Girders 12/18/2008
Real-time Freeway Performance Monitoring SystemC. T. Lu; Catherine C. McGhee07/03/2008
Feasibility of Offsite Airport Terminals in Improving Landside Access to Airports  05/26/2008
Drilled Shafts with Self Consolidating ConcreteStephen R. Sharp; H. Celik Ozyildirim06/29/2012
Rapid Replacement of Tangier Island Bridges Including Lightweight and Durable FRP Deck Systems 09/16/2009
Implementation of Full Depth Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Panels 12/11/2008
Pavement Surface Properties Consortium - A Research Program at the Virginia Smart RoadGerardo Flintsch; Edgar Izeppi; Kevin K. McGhee05/31/2016
Use of Pocket Computer with Built-in Camera for Characterizing Aggregate Shape, Angularity and Texture for QC/QA 02/29/2008
Optimal Placement of Point Detectors on Virginia’s Freeways - Case Studies of Hampton Roads and Richmond 01/31/2008
Identification of Commercially Available Metals That Have Potential As Low-Cost Corrosion Resistant Concrete ReinforcementStephen R. Sharp; John R. Scully; Francisco J. Presuel-Moreno06/30/2008
A Review and Assessment of the Process VDOT Employs in Project Scoping  05/21/2008
Measurement of Early Age Shrinkage of Virginia Concrete Mixtures 02/26/2008
Testing an Integrated PDA-GPS System to Collect Standardized Roadkill DataBridget M. Donaldson; Nelson LaFon02/29/2008
Sonic Measurements in VDOT Concrete Mix DesignsStephen R. Sharp; H. Celik Ozyildirim06/30/2012
Preliminary Field Investigation of Intelligent Compaction of HMA 11/26/2007
Development of a Travel Time Data Collection Plan for the Virginia Department of Transportation 10/25/2006
Permeability, Alkalinity, and Chloride Concentration Measurements in VDOT Concrete Mix Designs and the Corrosion Resistance of these Designs 06/30/2012
Use of Waste Shingles in Hot Mix Asphalt 03/17/2008
Evaluation of the Historic Triangle Wayfinding Sign SystemBenjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.02/09/2009
Recycling of Salt-Contaminated Storm-Water Runoff for Brine Production at VDOT Road-Salt Storage FacilitiesG. Michael Fitch05/19/2008
Backsights: Essays on Transportation HistoryAnn B. Miller06/30/2011
Identification of Core Functions and Deployment Criteria for Safety Service Patrols in Virginia 12/19/2006
Understanding the Environmental Effects of Cured-in-Place Pipes for Utility Pipe Rehabilitation Bridget M. Donaldson; Wu-Seng Lung05/09/2008
Virginia Critical Transportation Infrastructure Protection and Resilience (CIP V)  04/04/2007
Live Stop Controlled Intersection Data CollectionVickie Neale (VTTI); Catherine C. McGhee12/31/2007
Evaluation of Pre-Emption and Transition Strategies for Northern Virginia Smart Traffic Signal Systems (NVSTSS) 02/29/2008
Access Control Design on Highway Interchanges 01/31/2008
Laboratory Evaluation of Warm Asphalt for Use in VirginiaStacey D. Diefenderfer12/19/2008
Development of a Safety Evaluation Procedure for Identifying High Risk Signalized Intersections in Northern Virginia  09/28/2007
Causal Factors for Intersection Crashes in Northern Virginia 06/30/2010
Evaluation of Crash Rates and Causal Factors for High Risk Locations on Rural and Urban Two-Lane Highways in Virginia 09/15/2008
Investigation of Fiber Reinforced Self-Consolidating Concrete 05/31/2010
Investigation of System Operations Performance Measures for the Virginia Department of Transportation 06/25/2007
In-Situ Determination of Pavement Layers Moduli for Quality Control and Construction Acceptance of Pavement Layers Using LWD. 03/31/2010
Process for Analyzing “Stand-Alone” Projects and Integrating  03/18/2008
Trends in Motorcycle Crashes in Virginia 09/30/2008
Safety Belt and Motorcycle Helmet Use in Virginia: The 2006 Summer Survey  09/25/2006
Investigation of the Effect of Wet Curing on Durability Parameters of Hydraulic Cement Concretes 03/31/2010
Field Demonstration of a Tool (MIT Scan-2) for Nondestructive Determination of Dowel Bar Position in Concrete Pavement  06/26/2006
Optimal Selection & Design of Stormwater BMP Facilities in a Highway SettingG. Michael Fitch06/12/2008
Development of a Methodology for the Selection, Evaluation, and Prioritization of Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Projects in Virginia 01/31/2008
Understanding Cattail (Typha sp.) Invasion and Persistence in VDOT Mitigation WetlandsPerry, James (VIMS); G. Michael Fitch; Perry, James (VIMS); G. Michael Fitch06/03/2009
Incorporation of Operations in VDOT's Project Development ProcessBenjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.05/24/2007
Identification of Wildife Hotspots along Roadways in Virginia's Coastal ZoneBridget M. Donaldson; Joseph T. Weber 12/19/2006
Investigation of the Rolling Wheel Deflectometer (RWD) as a Network Level Pavement Structural Evaluation Tool 01/29/2010
Selection, Piloting, and Evaluation of Best Practices in Traffic Operations and Safety 06/30/2007
VDOT Implementation Software Issues for AASHTO LRFD Design  01/14/2008
Influence of Voids on Chloride Threshold in Reinforced Concrete and Potential Methods for Increasing the Corrosion Resistance 06/30/2012
Preparing to Use Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) in Transportation Operations 10/16/2007
Efficient and Scalable Design of Archived Data Management SystemC. T. Lu; Catherine C. McGhee09/20/2006
Evaluation of the AutoFlagger in VirginiaBenjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.10/31/2006
Use of Micro-Deval Test for Virginia Aggregates 04/30/2007
Private Sector Provision of Congestion Data (NCHRP 70-01) 12/19/2006
Evaluation of I-64 Jointed Reinforced Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation - Richmond and Hampton Roads Districts 11/04/2008
Evaluation of Cargill SafeLane Epoxy Overlay  02/27/2009
Asphalt Materials Characterization in Support of Implementation of the Proposed Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide 02/13/2007
Botetourt County Road Orders 1770-1778Ann B. Miller02/08/2007
Evaluation of Cathodic Protection Systems for Bridge Repair 06/29/2007
Lightweight HPC Bulb-T beams with Self-Consolidating Concrete in a Bridge Structure  06/23/2014
End-Result Specifications for Hydraulic Cement Concrete - Phase II 08/31/2011
Introduction of Grade 300 Prestressing Strand into Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders 09/21/2009
Use of Sandwich Plate System (SPS) in a Virginia BridgeThomas Murray, Virginia Tech; Thomas Cousins, Virginia Tech; Bernard L. Kassner05/20/2009
Development of Bilateral Data Transferability (BDT) in VDOT GDBMS FrameworkJ. Yoon; Edward J. Hoppe06/15/2006
Characterization of Subgrade and Subbase/Base materials in Virginia for Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement DesignM. Shabbir Hossain08/29/2008
Validation of the Mechanistic-Empirical Procedure to Determine In-Place Hot-Mix Asphalt Layer Modulus for Rehabilitation ProjectsKevin K. McGhee; Gerardo Flintsch - Virginia Tech; Amara Loulizi - Virginia Tech07/20/2006
Analytical Support for Prioritizing the State Highway Plan James H. Lambert 09/30/2006
Determination of the In-Situ Subgrade Resilient Modulus And Effective Structure Number of VDOT Interstate Network  06/16/2008
Determining the Core Functions of VDOT Smart Traffic Centers 06/27/2006
Analytical Support for the Statewide Multimodal Long-Range Transportation Plan - Phase 2 09/30/2006
An Examination of Some Aspects of the Coordination of Land Use and Transportation Planning at the Local, Regional, and State Level 01/31/2008
The Development of a Methodology for Measuring the Effectiveness of Safety Service Patrol Programs 06/29/2006
Determination of Best Practices for the Rehabilitation and Moving of Historic Metal Truss Bridges 06/13/2006
Sampling Issues in Wireless Location Technology-based Traffic Monitoring SystemsMichael D. Fontaine01/11/2007
Evaluation of Virginia's Open Container Law 02/28/2006
Feasibility of Requiring Blood/Breath Testing for All Motor Vehicle Drivers and Boat Operators Involved in Fatal Crashes in Virginia 10/31/2005
A Demonstration Project to Assess Aggregate Fractionation and Surface Gritting for Stone Matrix AsphaltKevin K. McGhee06/25/2007
The Next Step in the Journey Toward End Result Specifications for Hot Mix Asphalt Materials and ConstructionKevin K. McGhee04/23/2007
Measuring the Effectiveness of Long-Range Transportation Planning in Virginia 10/18/2006
Safety Belt and Motorcycle Helmet Use in Virginia: The 2005 Summer Survey 09/14/2005
Evaluation/Comparison of Alternative F&E Test Devices for Aggregate Shape DeterminationKevin K. McGhee; Troy H. Deeds11/18/2005
Influence of Hycrete DSS on Virginia Department of Transportation Class A4 Concrete Mix DesignsStephen R. Sharp; H. Celik Ozyildirim05/07/2007
Transit Signal Priority Project - Phase IICatherine C. McGhee; Hesham Rakha, VTTI03/15/2006
The Impact of a Smoothness Incentive/Disincentive on Hot-Mix Asphalt Construction and Maintenance-Resurfacing CostsKevin K. McGhee; James S. Gillespie06/14/2006
Simulation Model Calibration and Validation - Phase II 10/25/2006
Evaluation of Truck Lane RestrictionsMichael D. Fontaine01/05/2007
Detection of Polymer Modifiers in Asphalt BinderStacey D. Diefenderfer01/30/2006
Permanent Deformation and Fatigue Characteristics of Superpave MixturesStacey D. Diefenderfer09/30/2005
Design of High Modulus- High Binder Asphalt Layers 12/31/2006
Pilot Test of Direct Liquid Anti-Icing Application in Snow Removal and Ice Control Operations 03/31/2007
Cost and Benefits of a Formalized Preventive Roadway Maintenance Program for Virginia 09/02/2009
VDOT Critical Infrastructure Protection: CIP Phase IVY.Y. Haimes; J. H. Lambert02/27/2006
System Operations as a Core Function: A Scan of the State of the Practice 05/01/2005
Hurricane Evacuation Route Analysis 01/15/2005
Phase III Autotrack Integrated CCTV/VIVDS Prototype Field Test 09/22/2005
Investigation of Testing Methods to Determine Long Term Durability of Wisconsin Aggregate Resources Including Natural Materials, Industrial By-Products and Recycled/Reclaimed Materials 10/31/2005
Columnar Reinforcement of Soft Ground Beneath Roadway EmbankmentsEdward J. Hoppe06/09/2006
An Evaluation of Soil Stabilizers Used on Aggregate Shoulders 06/22/2005
Range-Wide Assessment of Habitat Suitability for Roanoke Logperch (Percina Rex)Bridget M. Donaldson01/11/2007
Evaluation of Red Light Camera Enforcement in Virginia 04/14/2005
Use of Non Destructive Evaluation to Determine Moisture Quantity in Flexible Pavements 06/19/2006
Phases III-VI of Visibility Needs of Motorists under Wet Night ConditionsBenjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.11/16/2006
Evaluation of Ultra-High-Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete 08/26/2011
A Bridge Structure with Lightweight High-Performance Concrete Bulb-T Beams 06/23/2009
A Management Plan for Cultural Resources in VDOT Rights-of-WayAnn B. Miller04/30/2007
Effectiveness of Sacrificial Anodes in High-resistivity Shotcrete Repairs 03/31/2005
The Use and Effectiveness of Highway Underpasses by Large Mammals in VirginiaBridget M. Donaldson08/24/2005
Frederick County Road Orders 1743-1772Ann B. Miller06/30/2005
Linear Cracking and Chloride Penetration of Concrete Bridge Decks 12/01/2010
Investigation of Some Issues Related to Electrochemical Chloride Extraction from Reinforced ConcreteStephen R. Sharp; Paul Virmani01/05/2006
Bridge Deck Service Life Prediction and Costs 01/10/2008
Use of Two New Corrosion-Resistant Metallic Reinforcing Bars in Two New Concrete Bridge Decks in VirginiaStephen R. Sharp02/27/2007
Pilot Scale Evaluation of Treatment Technologies for Salt-Contaminated Runoff at Road-Salt Storage FacilitiesG. Michael Fitch; James Smith, Univ of Va03/24/2006
Implementing SB 353, A Method for Developing the Transportation Element of a Local Comprehensive Plan 11/15/2006
Effects of Soil Amendments and Other Practices on the Success of VDOT Non-tidal Wetland Mitigation EG. Michael Fitch06/09/2005
Laboratory Investigation of Air-Void Systems Produced by Air-Entraining Admixtures in Fresh and Hard 03/21/2006
Use of Safety Restraint Systems by Occupants Under 16 Years Old: 2004 Update 04/21/2005
An Examination of the Land Development Review Process of VDOT 05/21/2007
Adoption of AASHTO Rut Test Procedure Using the APA 10/20/2006
The Role of Smart Traffic Centers in Regional System Operations Performance: A Hampton Roads Case St 09/23/2005
Development of Methodology for Traffic Signal Timing Optimization Schedule 11/16/2005
Development of Incident Data Collection Standards for VDOT Freeway Operations 05/26/2005
An Investigation of the Type and Frequency of Shoulder Maintenance Problems Encountered on the VDOT  03/25/2010
Demonstration and Evaluation of Rational Speed Limits  03/15/2007
Evaluation of the Strength of Cement Treated Aggregate for Pavement Bases 04/28/2006
Enhanced Performance Specifications for Embankment Construction 06/04/2005
Punching Shear Capacity of Thin UHPC Plates 06/29/2005
Determination of Remaining Service Life of Aluminum Sign Panels 03/10/2005
Stabilization of Soft Clay Subgrades in Virginia: Phase I Laboratory Study 05/04/2005
Detail and System Development for Full Depth Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Panels 06/30/2007
Development and Validation of a Testing Procedure to Estimate Hot-Mix Asphalt In-Situ Properties 06/06/2005
Development of Premium Pavement DesignI. L. Al-Qadi; G. W. Flintsch; Kevin K. McGhee02/08/2005
Deployment of a Special Provision for Hot-Mix Asphalt UniformityKevin K. McGhee06/28/2005
Integrated Inspection and Light Servicing System For High Mast Light PolesPradip Sheth - PI; Michael M. Sprinkel04/01/2005
Development and Installation of A Durable Fiber-Optic Strain Sensor for Instrumentation of New Pavements 02/16/2007
The Hawthorne Street Bridge Rehabilitation Utilizing an FRP Bridge Deck System 04/25/2007
AASHTO LRFD Impact Upon Bridge Stiffness and Strength 03/09/2007
Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete Bridge Decks Reinforced with Epoxy-Coated BarsStephen R. Sharp03/06/2006
An Investigation of the Accuracy of the Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Fraction as an Input to the Mobil Emission Model 03/01/2006
Evaluation of Two Different Surface-Applied Corrosion Inhibitors' Ability to Revitalize Reinforced ConcreteStephen R. Sharp12/20/2004
Inventory of Virginia Stone Matrix AsphaltKevin K. McGhee08/22/2005
Transportation Infrastructure Improvement Influences vs. Expected Outcomes 06/27/2005
Development of a Highway Safety Corridor Program in VirginiaMichael D. Fontaine04/24/2006
Development of Performance Guidelines for Selection of Hot-Pour Crack SealantsI. L. Al-Qadi; J. E. Masson; Kevin K. McGhee01/30/2009
Evaluation of Self-Consolidating Concrete in Bulb-T BeamsH. Celik Ozyildirim12/05/2008
Evaluation of Effectiveness of Subsurface Drainage Systems in Pavement Structures  06/30/2005
TMC Applications of Archived Data Operational Test Catherine C. McGhee08/16/2004
Evaluation of Models for Seismic Design 10/29/2008
Proof Testing a Bridge Deck Design with Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) as Top Mat Reinforcement 06/21/2005
Visibility Needs of Motorists During Wet Night ConditionsBenjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.10/05/2004
Development of an Optimized Continuity Diaphragm for New PCBT Girders 09/19/2005
IVI Intersection Collision AvoidanceV. Neale; Catherine C. McGhee04/12/2006
Guidelines for Developing Transportation Management Plans for Construction ProjectsBenjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.06/20/2005
High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete in a Bridge DeckH. Celik Ozyildirim12/01/2005
High-Performance Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements in Richlands and Lynchburg, VirginiaH. Celik Ozyildirim09/17/2007
Experimental Study of an Integral Bridge with Geofoam Edward J. Hoppe04/28/2005
Field Performance of Pozzolanic Cementitious Systems 09/18/2006
Detection of Subsurface ContaminantsEdward J. Hoppe07/17/2007
Quality Assurance Testing and Monitoring of High-Performance Steel Bridge in Virginia  04/29/2005
Methods to Analyze and Predict Interstate Travel Time Reliability – Phase IIJustice Appiah; Mo Zhao01/31/2023
Balanced Mix Design for Surface Asphalt Mixtures: 2020 and 2021 Field TrialsIlker Boz; Jhony Habbouche; Stacey D. Diefenderfer03/20/2023
Evaluating the Use of Engineered Additives to Enhance the Performance Properties of Asphalt Binders and MixturesHarikrishnan Nair; Jhony Habbouche08/11/2023
Balanced Mix Design for Surface Asphalt Mixtures: 2021 and 2022 Plant Mix Schedule PilotsIlker Boz; Jhony Habbouche; Stacey D. Diefenderfer06/30/2023
Improving Ridership Projections of Proposed Bus and Rail Transit Projects for Evaluating Congestion Reduction EffectsAfrida Raida; Peter B. Ohlms06/19/2023
Improving Safety Service Patrol PerformanceMecit Cetin; Hong Yang; Sherif Ishak; Noah J. Goodall08/23/2023
Evaluating Surface Characteristics of Dense Graded Asphalt MixturesGerardo Flintsch; Kevin K. McGhee; Ilker Boz04/20/2023
Calibration of Safety Performance Functions for Freeway Ramp Terminals in VirginiaJustice Appiah05/19/2023
Round Robin Testing Program for the Indirect Tensile Cracking Test (IDT-CT) at Intermediate TemperatureStacey D. Diefenderfer; Ilker Boz; Jhony Habbouche08/17/2022
Promoting Native Roadside Plant Communities and Ensuring Successful Vegetation Establishment PracticeShawn Askew; Mike Goatley; Bridget M. Donaldson03/15/2023
Analysis of Virtual Public Involvement in the Transportation Planning ProcessLance E. Dougald10/31/2022
Feasibility of Adapting VisionEval for Scenario PlanningYiqing Xu; Sayed Adel; Lance E. Dougald; John S. Miller03/31/2022
Developing Guidance for a Corridor Level Vehicle Occupancy Rate Data Collection Program John S. Miller; Yiqing Xu; Lance E. Dougald12/15/2022
Cost of Congestion Due to Incidents on FreewaysJames S. Gillespie; Noah J. Goodall; Mo Zhao; Chien-Lun Lan12/07/2021
Non-Destructive Evaluation of Brine Tanks by Thermographic and Ultrasonic MethodsAlexander S. Brand; Lewis N. Lloyd01/03/2023
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Determining Design Criteria for Land and Flow Characteristics that Produce Non-Erosive Sheet FlowJonathan Goodall; Lewis N. Lloyd08/25/2022
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Driver Response to Dynamic Message Sign Safety Campaign MessagesTripp Shealy; Noah J. Goodall01/21/2020
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Evaluation of a Buried Cable Roadside Animal-Detection SystemAndrew Alden06/22/2015
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Development of Improved Connection Details for Adjacent Prestressed Member BridgesCarin L. Roberts-Wollman; Thomas E. Cousins; Bernard L. Kassner06/15/2017
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Teen Driver CoachCharlie Klauder, VTTI; Catherine C. McGhee05/29/2015
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Implementation of the Hillman Composite Beam in a Virginia Bridge 08/31/2014
A Quiet-Pavement Implementation Program for VirginiaTrenton Clark; Gerardo Flintsch; Kevin K. McGhee10/31/2015
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