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Page Title: VTRC Staff

Justice AppiahAssociate Principal Research Scientist(434)
Gabriel ArceResearch Scientist(434)
Soundar BalakumaranAssociate Director for Structures(434)
Amir BehravanResearch Scientist(434)
Ilker BozResearch Scientist(434)
Hyun Woong ChoResearch Scientist(434)
Donna P. CognataBusiness Manager(434)
Benjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.Associate Principal Research Scientist(434) 293-1932
Troy H. DeedsEngineering Technician III(434)
Brian K. DiefenderferPrincipal Research Scientist(434)
Stacey D. DiefenderferAssociate Principal Research Scientist(434)
Bridget M. DonaldsonAssociate Principal Research Scientist (434)
Lance E. DougaldAssociate Principal Research Scientist(434)
Rebecca ErnestLibrary Specialist II(434)
Linda EvansEditor(434)
Arlene M. FewellAdministrative & Office Specialist II(434)
G. Michael FitchDirector of Research(434)
Michael D. FontaineAssociate Director for Safety, Operations, and Traffic Engineering(434)
James S. GillespieSenior Research Scientist(434)
Noah J. GoodallSenior Research Scientist(434)
Alyssa GuerciaBusiness Coordinator(434)
Jhony HabboucheSenior Research Scientist(434)
Kenneth HerrickEngineering Technician III(434)
Edward J. HoppeAssociate Principal Research Scientist(434)
M. Shabbir HossainAssociate Principal Research Scientist(434)
Bernard L. KassnerResearch Scientist(434)
William E. KelshResearch Scientist III/Web Master(434)
Gilbert KennerLibrary Associate(434)
Chien-Lun LanResearch Scientist(434)
Lewis N. LloydResearch Scientist(434)
Tracy MayoBusiness Analyst/Financial Administrator(434)
Ann B. MillerResearch Scientist(434)
John S. MillerAssociate Director for Environment, Planning and Economics(434)
Andrew MillsEngineering Tech III(434)
Audrey K. MoruzaSenior Research Scientist(434)
Harikrishnan NairAssociate Director for Pavements(434)
Barbara J. NeymanLibrary Associate(434)
Peter B. OhlmsSenior Research Scientist(434)
A. W. 'Bill' OrdelEngineering Technician III(434)
H. Celik OzyildirimPrincipal Research Scientist(434)
Christopher PeerProcurement Officer(434)
Jason T. ProvinesResearch Scientist(434)
Erin RobartesResearch Scientist(434)
Sherri RobinsonContract
Maria RossettiResearch
Jennifer L. SamuelsEngineering Technician II(434)
Mary SharifiResearch Scientist(434)
Stephen R. SharpAssociate Principal Research Scientist(434)
Len ShelerUtilities Worker Sr.(434)
Kendal Walus
Jennifer M. WardInformation Technology Specialist II(434)
Jimmy WhiteSenior Research Scientist(434)
Kenneth A. WinterLibrarian Specialist III(434) 293-1959
Kevin B. WrightResearch Implementation Coordinator(434)
Mo ZhaoSenior Research Scientist(434)