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Environment, Planning, and Economics

Team Leader: Amy A. O'Leary
Associate Director for Environment, Planning and Economics
Photo of Amy A. O'Leary<BR>Associate Director for Environment, Planning and Economics

Environmental and history research encompasses stormwater best management practices; ecology, including mitigation of animal-vehicle collisions; endangered species; waste management in VDOT maintenance operations; and the identification and management of historic and cultural resources in VDOT right of way, especially structures.

Planning research encompasses transportation planning at the state, regional, and local levels; access management; transit research; bicycle and pedestrian studies; and performance measures.

Economics research includes return-on-investment and benefit-cost studies for improved materials and practices, transportation finance, and innovative funding approaches for transportation.

The VDOT Library provides online access for agency employees to a very large number of e-books and full-text materials available from subscription databases; circulation services for items the Library owns, including PE exam preparation materials; inter-library loan services; quick answers to reference questions; and customized technical literature searches by a professional librarian.



Amy A. O'Leary Associate Director for Environment, Planning and Economics(434) 293-1995
Bridget M. Donaldson Associate Principal Research Scientist (434)
Lance E. Dougald Senior Research Scientist(434)
Rebecca Ernest Library Specialist II(434)
James S. Gillespie Senior Research Scientist(434)
Gilbert Kenner Library Associate(434)
Lewis N. Lloyd Research Scientist(434)
Ann B. Miller Research Scientist(434)
John S. Miller Principal Research Scientist(434)
Audrey K. Moruza Senior Research Scientist(434)
Barbara J. Neyman Library Associate(434)
Peter B. Ohlms Research Scientist(434)
Kenneth A. Winter Librarian Specialist III(434) 293-1959

  • 73839  -  Range-Wide Assessment of Habitat Suitability for Roanoke Logperch (Percina Rex)
  • 72732  -  An Examination of the Land Development Review Process of VDOT
  • 72990  -  Pilot Scale Evaluation of Treatment Technologies for Salt-Contaminated Runoff at Road-Salt Storage Facilities
  • 79420  -  Optimal Selection & Design of Stormwater BMP Facilities in a Highway Setting
  • 79350  -  Understanding Cattail (Typha sp.) Invasion and Persistence in VDOT Mitigation Wetlands
  • 79242  -  Identification of Wildife Hotspots along Roadways in Virginia's Coastal Zone
  • 78150  -  Botetourt County Road Orders 1770-1778
  • 73233  -  A Management Plan for Cultural Resources in VDOT Rights-of-Way
  • 73197  -  The Use and Effectiveness of Highway Underpasses by Large Mammals in Virginia
  • 76743  -  Determination of Best Practices for the Rehabilitation and Moving of Historic Metal Truss Bridges
  • 72987  -  Effects of Soil Amendments and Other Practices on the Success of VDOT Non-tidal Wetland Mitigation E
  • 80774  -  Understanding the Environmental Effects of Cured-in-Place Pipes for Utility Pipe Rehabilitation
  • 73195  -  Frederick County Road Orders 1743-1772
  • 81088  -  Backsights: Essays on Transportation History
  • 82106  -  Testing an Integrated PDA-GPS System to Collect Standardized Roadkill Data
  • 83142  -  Assessment of Soil and Wash-Water Quality Beneath Salt-Spreader Storage Racks: Lubricant and Salt Quantification
  • 83999  -  Improving the Retrofitting of Existing Roads with Pedestrian Accommodations in Virginia
  • 84657  -  Fincastle County Road Orders 1773-1776
  • 84858  -  Development of Regional Channel Geometry Curves for the Piedmont Physiographic Provinces of Virginia
  • 86734  -  Montgomery County Road Orders
  • 87680  -  Development of a Methodology to Measure Mobility in Urban Transportation Corridors
  • 81142  -  Recycling of Salt-Contaminated Storm-Water Runoff for Brine Production at VDOT Road-Salt Storage Facilities
  • 89717  -  Effects of Sedimentation on Native Freshwater Mussels
  • 91418  -  Survey of Early Virginia Road Stones, Milestones and Related Objects
  • 92134  -  Evaluation of Pipe Repair Options Available for Use by the Virginia Department of Transportation, Phase II
  • 96564  -  Composting Animal Carcasses Removed from Roads: a Pilot Study of Two Techniques
  • 91015  -  A Template for Incorporating Safety into the Regional Planning Process
  • 88916  -  Access-Management Performance Measures
  • 84995  -  Improving Land Use Forecasting for Medium-Size Metropolitan Planning Organizations In Virginia
  • 80355  -  Evaluation of Crash Rates and Causal Factors for High Risk Locations on Rural and Urban Two-Lane Highways in Virginia
  • 76303  -  Measuring the Effectiveness of Long-Range Transportation Planning in Virginia
  • 80574  -  Causal Factors for Intersection Crashes in Northern Virginia
  • 94412  -  Development of Safety Performance Functions for Intersections in Virginia – Phase II
  • 95129  -  Land-Development Risk Analysis for the Statewide Mobility System
  • 99049  -  Pilot Implementation of a Resource Guide to Enhance Incorporation of Safety into the Regional Planning Process
  • 99047  -  Trip-Generation Method for Small Area Plans
  • 98770  -  A Methodology to Forecast Peak Spreading
  • 101596  -  Loudoun County Road Orders
  • 101730  -  Unmet Data Needs of Transportation Planners
  • 101739  -  Composting of Animal Carcasses Removed from Roads: A Pilot Study of Vessel Composting
  • 85142  -  A Determination of the Actual Costs to VDOT of Land Development Review – Phase II
  • 101939  -  Development of a Monitoring and Assessment Plan for Low Impact Development Strategies for the Lorton Road Widening Project, Fairfax County
  • 101941  -  Survey and Management of Civil War Monuments in the VDOT Right of Way
  • 101944  -  A Survey of Collaborative Transportation Planning Techniques and Their Application to Corridor Access Management Plans
  • 103639  -  Local Transportation Funding in Virginia: Lessons Learned
  • 103638  -  Traditional and Innovative Funding and Financing Options for Virginia and Its Localities
  • 101937  -  An Analysis of Benefits of Using Storage Tanks to Store Stormwater Runoff Generated at VDOT’s Maintenance Facilities
  • 103747  -  Standardized Test Method to Quantify Environmental Impacts of Stormwater Pipe Rehabilitation Materials
  • 103647  -  Identifying Strategic Locations for Animal Crash Mitigation on I-64 in the Afton Mountain Area
  • 103980  -  Permeable Pavement Pilot Project Using Porous Asphalt
  • 105202  -  Assessment of the Low-Impact Development (LID) Strategies Used for the Lorton Road Widening Project, Fairfax County, Virginia: Phase I
  • 105203  -  Evaluation of the Economics and Logistics of Animal Mortality Composting for the Virginia Department of Transportation
  • 105218  -  Investigating the Cost-Effectiveness of Nutrient-Credit Use as an Option for VDOT Stormwater Permitting Requirements
  • 00076  -  Evaluation of a Buried Cable Roadside Animal-Detection System
  • 76831  -  An Examination of Some Aspects of the Coordination of Land Use and Transportation Planning at the Local, Regional, and State Level
  • 87090  -  Prioritization Methods for Multimodal Investments, Including Return on Investment
  • 82897  -  Feasibility of Offsite Airport Terminals in Improving Landside Access to Airports
  • 82240  -  A Review and Assessment of the Process VDOT Employs in Project Scoping
  • 80165  -  Process for Analyzing “Stand-Alone” Projects and Integrating
  • 77319  -  Analytical Support for Prioritizing the State Highway Plan
  • 77021  -  Analytical Support for the Statewide Multimodal Long-Range Transportation Plan - Phase 2
  • 68292  -  Transportation Infrastructure Improvement Influences vs. Expected Outcomes
  • 105221  -  Innovative Pavement Markings to Facilitate Bicycle Travel
  • 103640  -  Determinants of Funding Variability for Preliminary Engineering (PE)
  • 106068  -  Traffic Forecasting Guidebook: Case Study Validation
  • 106422  -  Update for Management Plan for Historic Bridges in Virginia
  • 101947  -  Historic Bridge Management Plan: A Scoping Update
  • 106482  -  Use of Remote Sensing to Identify Wetlands on Project-Specific Location Studies
  • 107511  -  Assessment of Low Impact Development Strategies Used in Lorton Road Widening Project
  • 107897  -  Reuse Options for VDOT's Street Sweeping Residuals
  • 107895  -  Assessment of Trip Generation Estimation Methods for Mixed-Use, Infill, Transit-Oriented, or Smart Growth (MITUS) Developments
  • 107898  -  Computational Enhancements for the VDOT Regional River Severe Storm Model
  • 107901  -  Development and Testing of Environmental DNA (eDNA) Protocols for the Endangered James Spinymussel (Pleurobema collina)
  • 107899  -  Survey for Breeding Peregrine Falcons on Bridges in the Virginia Coastal Plain 2016
  • 107900  -  Improving Animal-vehicle Collision Data for the Strategic Application of Mitigation Strategies
  • 109527  -  Extent of VDOT’s Exception Process for Access Standards
  • 109863  -  Implementation and Evaluation of a Buried Cable Animal Detection System
  • 109906  -  Management Guidelines for Historic Roads in Virginia
  • 109945  -  When and How to Consider Connected Vehicles in Virginia Transportation Planning Processes
  • 109948  -  Assessing the Feasibility of a Pedestrian and Bicycle Count Program in Virginia
  • 109962  -  Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Wildlife Fencing Along Existing Isolated Underpasses
  • 110606  -  The Effectiveness of Deer Advisory Messages on VDOT's Changeable Message Signs:Phase II
  • 111957  -  Computational Enhancements for the VDOT Regional River Severe Storm Model (R2S2) Phase II
  • 114224  -  Incorporating Potential Climate Change Impacts in Bridge and Culvert Design
  • 112001  -  Planning Corridors for Transit Signal Priority while Considering Pedestrian Delay
  • 112109  -  Improving Inventory and Investment of Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Through Targeted Public Outreach
  • 114306  -  Refining Environmental DNA Protocols Developed for the Endangered James Spinymussel (Pleurobema Collina)
  • 112110  -  Guidelines for Using Streetlight Data for Planning Tasks
  • 114308  -  Existing Condition Assessment, Remaining Service Life Prediction, and Evaluation of Repair Methods for VDOT's Salt Water Detention Ponds