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Title: Examination of the Current Practice of Lighting in Virginia: Nighttime Work Zones and Improving Safety through the Development of Nighttime Lighting Specifications
Contact: Benjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.
Project No.: 105582
Target Date: 09/22/2017
As traffic increases on U.S. roads, more construction activities are occuring at night when volumes are lower but travel speeds tend to be greater. Approximately 40 percent of all work-zone crashes occurred at night in 2011
The purpose of this project is to:

·        Evaluate current nighttime work-zone lighting practices used on limited-access highways and primary route work zones, and
·        Develop effective nighttime work-zone lighting requirements in Virginia.
The results of this research effort will be implemented through the development of new specifications and a modification of the 2011 Virginia Work Area Protection Manual, thus changing and improving existing practices for lighting nighttime work zones in Virginia.

     Travis Terry
     Brian Williams
     Alejandra Medina
     Ronald Gibbons
     Benjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.