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Title: I-95 Variable Speed Limit Evaluation Phase 2
Contact: Hyun Woong Cho
Project No.: 122766
Target Date: 02/28/2024
Abstract: The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is operating a variable speed limit (VSL) system on I-95 northbound between mileposts 115 and 130, south of Fredericksburg.  The goal of the VSL system is to improve both safety and operations on this congested section of highway by encouraging speed harmonization, more uniform speed selection, dampening the effects of shockwaves, and providing advance warning of congestion. This project will continue the evaluation of the safety and operational impacts of the VSL system to determine benefits during the first year of operations.  Performance measures will include changes in crashes, travel time reliability, delay, throughput, and speed compliance.  The overall benefit-cost ratio of the system will be examined as well.

     Michael D. Fontaine
     Erin Robartes
     Hyun Woong Cho