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Title: Balanced Mix Design for Surface Asphalt Mixtures: Fiber-Modified Mixtures
Contact: Harikrishnan Nair
Project No.: 122349
Target Date: 12/31/2023

VDOT is in the process of implementing the use of Balanced Mix Design (BMD) as a means to improve asphalt mixture performance. Fibers are used to enhance the performance of asphalt mixtures (minimize rutting and cracking). Fibers provide additional tensile strength in the mixture and thus increases fatigue and fracture properties of the asphalt mixture.

The Salem district has two pilot projects in the 2022 plant mix schedules that will pave sections with and without the inclusion of aramid fibers and with and without the use of BMD. The data collected from the pilots will be used to assess the potential benefits arising from the use of fiber in dense-graded mixtures, as well as the impact of fiber on the performance of BMD-designed mixtures.

The objective of this project will be to document and benchmark the initial performance of asphalt mixtures that incorporate aramid fiber additives along with associated control mixtures not containing fibers. Additionally, the laboratory performance of the mixes will be determined.

     Stacey D. Diefenderfer
     Harikrishnan Nair

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