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Title: Evaluation of VDOT's Current Practices for Tracking Catch Basin Cleanout Operations to Support Pollutant Removal Crediting Calculations
Contact: Lewis N. Lloyd
Project No.: 116972
Target Date: 05/31/2021

Recent modifications to the way theVirginia Department of Environmental Quality calculates total maximum dailyload (TMDL) credits associated with roadway drainage maintenance operations hascaused VDOT to re-evaluate how catch basin cleanout operations are tracked andreported. "Catch basin cleanouts" refer to the removal of solids fromthe road drainage system. This achieves water quality improvements by removingpollutant-laden material which has been washed off the roadway from thestormwater system. In order to receive TMDL credits for these activities,accurate records of the amount and characteristics of the removed material mustbe recorded. Historically, these cleanouts have not been conducted with a focuson determining TMDL credit allocation. Also, because of the large size ofVDOT's storm drain system, these cleanouts are conducted by both state forcesas well as contractors. These factors have led to reporting and record keepinginconsistencies which make it difficult to determine the TMDL creditsassociated with these operations. The purpose of this research effort will beto evaluate current practices used by state and contract forces to conductcatch basin cleanout operations , specifically identifying what information iscollected, how the captured material is handled / disposed of, and howcontracts to perform this work are structured. This research will result in afinal report outlining current catch basin cleanout tracking practices as wellas recommendations for how these practices can be modified to better capturethe necessary information for calculating TMDL credits.

     Lewis N. Lloyd