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Title: Crushed Hydraulic Cement Concrete Adjacent to Underdrains
Contact: Kevin K. McGhee
Associate Director for Pavements
Project No.: 113425
Target Date: 09/30/2022
Abstract: The objectives of this field study are: (1) to confirm the validity under field conditions of Crushed Hydraulic Cement Concrete (CHCC) behavior (fines migrate and tufa precipitates but geotextile continues to function as a filter and does not prevent water from flowing through) observed in the laboratory in a prior study; (2) to develop a threshold percentage for the blending of CHCC with virgin aggregate, and (3) to provide recommendations to VDOT to generate specifications to allow the use of CHCC/virgin aggregate blends as unbound aggregate when geotextile is present in the drainage system.

     Burak Tanyu
     D. Stephen Lane

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