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Title: Corrosion Resistant Steel Fastener Assemblies
Contact: Jason T. Provines
Project No.: 112029
Target Date: 03/29/2021
Abstract: This project will include mechanical, corrosion, metallographic, metallurgical, and nondestructive evaluations on various types of corrosion resistant steel bolts and accompanying fastener assemblies. Bolt types to be tested will include a new type of high strength martensitic steel bolts manufactured from MMFX material, ASTM A193 Grade B8 Class 2 bolts, and likely some other grades of stainless steel. The Grade B8 bolts were subjected to various tests in a previous study before being used on Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT’s) recent bridge constructed with A1010 Rt. 340 bridge; they will be subjected to additional tests in this study to provide a more complete comparison to the high strength martensitic bolts as well as the other possible stainless steel grade bolts. Upon completion of the project, it is anticipated that guidance will be provided to VDOT regarding the performance of the corrosion resistant bolts included in the study.

     Audrey K. Moruza
     Stephen R. Sharp
     Jason T. Provines

  • Structures