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Title: Magnetic Flux Leakage Device for Evaluation of Prestressed Concrete Box Bridges
Contact: Soundar Balakumaran
Project No.: 00131
Target Date: 03/13/2020
Abstract: Corrosion of concrete reinforcement in bridge structures is a major problem faced by bridge owners. The severity of the problem is amplified by the fact that the damage inside the concrete may not show up on the surface until significant damage has occurred. Pre-stressed slab structures in Virginia, which have been built since the 1960s, have begun showing corrosion-induced deterioration. In this study, researchers will develop a device based on Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) theory to nondestructively detect section loss of reinforcement in concrete components with shallow cover. For the device to be useful for bridge inspection, procedures for obtaining clear readings and making concise interpretations of the data will be necessary. Controlled laboratory testing will be conducted to form an understanding of the collected data, and subsequent field testing will aid in improving the practicality of the device. Finally, a comprehensive inspection manual will be developed to guide the MFL inspection process and interpretation of results.

     Steve Chase
     Soundar Balakumaran

  • Structures