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Title: Understanding Recent Changes in Traffic Safety Measures and Crash Characteristics in Virginia
Project No.: 00059
Target Date: 11/10/2016
Abstract: Large reductions have been recorded nationally in important traffic safety measures, such as the number of fatal crashes and fatalities. Virginia has also been part of this trend.

Traffic safety stakeholders, including the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), would like to see these reductions continue. Therefore, they have sought to identify the causes of the reductions to provide input to future safety programs.

This project aims to identify and quantify changes in the characteristics of traffic crashes over the past decade and to identify the factors associated with changes in traffic safety measures and characteristics.
The research will be limited to currently available data and will focus primarily on Virginia. A wide range of data, such as traditional exposure, socio-demographic-economic data and trafficsafety policy and expenditure information will be collected at the state and county levels.

     James S. Gillespie