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Title: Unmet Data Needs of Transportation Planners
Contact: John S. Miller
Project No.: 101730
Target Date: 06/15/2015

Transportation planners always need “good” data elements that are readily available, up-to-date, accurate and relevant. Quickly obtaining such data can be a challenge. This project seeks to identify such unmet planning data needs and develop solutions for how users can acquire quality data.
   In addition to conducting a literature review of planning data needs and solutions other states have implemented, key tasks for this project will include indentifying:

  • Planning-related data needs of VDOT and planners at metropolitan planning organizations and planning district commissions; 
  • Existing data sources that meet these needs and are accessible either now or expected to become accessible in the near term (one to two years); and
  • Potential short-term solutions for addressing these data needs.

     Asad Khattak
     Mecit Cetin
     Jae Yoon
     Mike Robinson
     Charles Turnitsa
     John S. Miller