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Title: Development of Guidelines for the Application of Adaptive Traffic Signal Control in Virginia
Contact: Michael D. Fontaine
Project No.: 00024
Target Date: 06/30/2015

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) plans to install the InSync adaptive traffic signal control system along 11 corridors in Virginia. InSync uses enhanced detection and a robust communication backbone to determine traffic demands along a corridor and dynamically adjust signal-timing parameters, based on observed conditions. This should allow the system to better respond to incidents, demand fluctuations or seasonal traffic variations.

The Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research (VCTIR) will evaluate the 11 corridors where InSync will be installed. The reasearch team will report the findings from each site to VDOT’s Traffic Engineering Division. The site results will then be analyzed to determine characteristics of those sites where the system produced a benefit. VCTIR will develop guidelines for the application of the InSync adaptive system based on this analysis so VDOT can make more informed decisions about where to deploy the system in the future.

     Lance E. Dougald
     Michael D. Fontaine