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Title: Development of a Planning-Level Tool to Identify High Crash Locations on Virginia's Primary System
Contact: Michael D. Fontaine
Project No.: 91268
Target Date: 08/30/2010

This research will modify the existing SafetyAnalyst network-screening tool to create a planning-level method the Virginia Department of Transportation can use to identify primary-road locations with safety problems.  The research will use the analytical framework under development for the pending Highway Safety Manual to create and apply safety performance functions to identify these problem locations.  The primary system is the test case for this project since it has the greatest diversity of roadway volumes and cross sections.  The researchers will develop safety performance functions specifically for two- to three-mile-long road segments.  These safety performance functions will use data commonly available in existing databases to create a methodology that can be applied for network-wide screening.  The research team then will adapt the safety performance functions so they can be used within the existing SafetyAnalyst software network screening tool.

     Michael D. Fontaine
     Michael Demetsky