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Title: A Comprehensive Review of Pedestrian and Bicycle Laws in Virginia and the Nation
Project No.: 86813
Target Date: 01/31/2008
Abstract: To ensure Virginia’s pedestrian and bicycle safety laws appropriately meet the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists, it is necessary to identify sections of the Code of Virginia that create situations that are not optimal for pedestrian and bicycle travel, that are in the most need of amending, and where the Code is silent but where research suggests a safety provision should be added.  Because public education is a crucial component of adopting new pedestrian and bicycle safety legislation, it is important to clearly define Virginia’s existing education programs as well.

 This project will identify areas that can enhance legislative protections for pedestrians and bicyclists and provide clarification for any ambiguous portions of the Code of Virginia.  To accomplish this, it will be necessary to review the statutes of other states, review the Code of Virginia and analyze available Virginia crash data to identify patterns and areas where increased protection is needed.

     Emily Hartman