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Title: Concrete Volume Change and the Reduction of Associated Cracking
Project No.: 86115
Target Date: 02/25/2010
Abstract: The objective of the proposed study is to examine the early age, as well as, later age volume change of various concrete mixtures that are currently used by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).  The study will investigate not only the volume changes over time, but also the cracking associated with these volume changes.  For mixtures that exhibit excessive volume change and cracking, a new mixture will to be developed that reduces the shrinkage induced cracking. VDOT’s interest is in the cracking resulting from the magnitude of stresses induced by the separate entities of chemical, autogenous, thermal, and drying processes.  It is the cracking that results in premature deterioration through the rapid ingress of aggressive agents such as chlorides, resulting in the commitment of maintenance funds for subsequent repair and rehabilitation activities.  In addition to agency costs, the traveling public must also be considered through user costs including delays and accidents.

     Richard E. Weyers

  • Structures