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Title: A Risk-Based Approach to Protecting Accessibility, Mobility, and Safety Options for Transportation Corridors
Project No.: 83842
Target Date: 04/30/2008
Abstract: VDOT is increasingly involved with the land development process in rapidly evolving transportation corridors.  The land development process on transportation corridors includes rezoning, points of interest, real estate, public utilities, right of way, access management, and the transportation facilities themselves.  Localities, which are competing with one another for economic development, may be slow to share their plans for developing corridors, or they may not be aware of impending development.  It is therefore important that VDOT transportation planners anticipate and address future development along corridors and avoid surprise, regret, and belated action.  This project proposes to develop a comprehensive risk-based approach to identifying and prioritizing needs for corridor protection strategies on undeveloped roads. 

     James H. Lambert