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Title: Development of Design Aids and Charts for the Optimized Continuity Diaphragm for New PCBT Girders
Project No.: 83136
Target Date: 12/18/2008
Abstract: The outcome of a recent research project was a recommendation for an optimized continuity diaphragm detail for the PCBT girders now being implemented in bridges in Virginia.  The detail was shown to be easily fabricated and constructed, cracking stayed well controlled through cyclic tests, and the flexural strength was more than adequate. Based on the previous work, the diaphragm detail shown in Figure 1 should work for most girder sizes and span lengths.  Structure and Bridge Division has requested further analysis, and development of a design aid, to determine if the detail is acceptable for a wider array of situations.  A parametric study using all the possible combinations of bulb-tee girders, beam spacing, span lengths, concrete strengths, and strand sizes will be conducted.  The final design will be placed in VDOT's Standards of Design Manual.

     Carin L. Roberts-Wollman

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