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Title: Identification of Commercially Available Metals That Have Potential As Low-Cost Corrosion Resistant Concrete Reinforcement
Project No.: 82558
Target Date: 06/30/2008
Abstract: A literature review will be conducted with the goal of identifying alternative low-cost corrosion resistant reinforcement materials compared to the incumbent, epoxy-coated reinforcing steel.  The new materials will be evaluated on the basis of material attributes that are expected to improve initiation and propagation corrosion characteristics, impact of mill scale, and strength, low cycle fatigue behavior with endurance limit scaled to yield strength, and estimated cost. First, material characteristics that should contribute to improved initiation, propagation resistance, and oxide wedging damage mechanisms will be reviewed. Then individual materials will be assessed and summarized.  Finally, a summary of appropriate test methods for evaluating these low-cost bars and what information each test provides will be submitted, all part of the final report.

     Stephen R. Sharp
     John R. Scully
     Francisco J. Presuel-Moreno

  • Structures