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Title: Field Demonstration of a Tool (MIT Scan-2) for Nondestructive Determination of Dowel Bar Position in Concrete Pavement
Contact: M. Shabbir Hossain
Project No.: 79653
Target Date: 06/26/2006
Virginia Department of Transportation, Materials Division has temporarily acquired a MIT Scan – 2 device through the Concrete Pavement Technology Program (CPTP) as a national effort to improve the long-term performance and cost effectiveness of concrete pavements. This program is managed by the FHWA through partnership with state highway agencies, industry, and academia. The purpose of this field applied research is to demonstrate and evaluate the use of MIT Scan -2 device in two areas as follows:
1. Measuring the alignment of dowel bars in Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (JPCP)
2. Depth of longitudinal steel in Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement(CRCP)

     M. Shabbir Hossain
     Mohamed Elfino

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