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Title: Transit Signal Priority Project - Phase II
Project No.: 75586
Target Date: 03/15/2006
Abstract: While many factors influence urban transit services, delays induced by the operation of traffic signals typically accounts for 10 to 25% of the total travel time of buses. This study conducts a field and modeling evaluation of the potential impacts of transit priority along the Route 1 corridor in Northern Virginia. Specifically, transit priority hardware and software have been installed in the field and a sample of buses will be equipped with GPS units to measure transit vehicle delay and number of vehicle stops. In addition, the corridor will be simulated in order to estimate the system-wide impacts of transit priority. A sensitivity analysis will be conducted to investigate the conditions under which transit signal priority may be successful.

The benefits of the project are that is will provide insight on the potential benefits of transit signal priority and the conditions under which priority might result in significant system-wide disbenefits.

     Catherine C. McGhee
     Hesham Rakha, VTTI