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Title: Bridge Deck Service Life Prediction and Costs
Project No.: 73186
Target Date: 01/10/2008
The proposed project will develop a bridge deck corrosion deterioration model applicable at the project level. The model is to be used by bridge engineers as a decision aid tool to maximize bridge deck service life while minimizing field survey methods to patches, delaminations, clear concrete cover depth, and chloride content. The probabilistic corrosion service life model combined with the distribution of price data from bid documents will provide the bridge engineer with a decision aid as to when to best apply protective methods as sealers and polymer concrete overlays and when to apply rehabilitation methods as microsilica and latex modified concrete overlays at the project level. Thus, the project will provide the bridge engineer with a bridge deck management tool. That will maximize the use of Department resources and minimize impacts on the traveling public. The project shall also provide base comparison criteria for the application of new systems, such as stainless steel reinforcing and fiber reinforced polymers.

     Richard E. Weyers - Principal Investigator

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