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Title: Implementing SB 353, A Method for Developing the Transportation Element of a Local Comprehensive Plan
Project No.: 72989
Target Date: 11/15/2006
Abstract: The purpose of this project is to address the lack of information and standardization with respect to the current status and future development of transportation elements of local comprehensive plans. Specifically, this project will identify the necessary and optional components of a local comprehensive plan, and develop a procedure for designating a system of transportation infrastructure needs and recommendations that VDOT staff could use to fulfill the obligations of the new statute, evaluate the current status of Virginia localities with respect to transportation elements in their comprehensive plans, develop a “toolbox” of strategies, templates, and techniques that VDOT planning staff can use to assist localities in the development of transportation elements in their comprehensive plans, explore the integration of local transportation plans with VDOT land development services and transportation system operations, through a pilot studies with selected counties.