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Title: Preparing to Use Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) in Transportation Operations
Project No.: 78789
Target Date: 10/16/2007
Abstract: A need for VII in transportation system operations has long been apparent. Poor data and communications between vehicles and the infrastructure have led to limited advancements, but there has been no definitive solution due to a lack of requisite technology. Recent advances in communication technologies render close vehicle/infrastructure integration realizable in the near term, and its deployment potential and impacts on current transportation practice need evaluation. At the national level, USDOT and the auto industry have partnered to create the VII initiative to test deployment viability.This activity is looking mostly at safety and traveler informationVII applications. Operations applications have yet to be examined fully.VDOT needs to stay abreast of national VII advances to see how our operations can benefit.The purpose of this project is to support VDOT in preparing to use VII, and to assist us as we participate in national activities steering the direction of VII development.

     Farver, Jennifer