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Title: Development of Performance Guidelines for Selection of Hot-Pour Crack Sealants
Contact: Soundar Balakumaran
Associate Director for Structures
Project No.: 67775
Target Date: 01/30/2009
Abstract: The National Research Council of Canada, Virginia Tech, and the Virginia Transportation Research Council are working to achieve a means of selecting durable crack sealant materials for use on pavements. The project will establish performance guidelines for the selection of crack sealants. These guidelines will ensure that sealants with superior performance and greater durability can be selected for crack sealing. It is expected that the guideline will be in the spirit of the Performance Grade (PG) system for bituminous binders. The project is structured to provide: (1) A short-term aging procedure that simulates sealant aging during installation; (2) long-term aging procedure that simulates weathering during service; (3) A method to assess the low temperature performance of sealants; and (4) A sealant adhesion test.

     I. L. Al-Qadi
     J. E. Masson
     Kevin K. McGhee

  • Structures